Advanced Hair Growth factor Therapy

Your hair is said to be your crowning glory, so it's natural to want to improve it if it's not to your preference.Some people are born with healthy hair, while others follow a proper hair care regimen that results in healthy hair over time. Even good hair can fall out due to environmental factors and lifestyle changes.

Numerous men and women are constantly noticing the thinning of hair, leading to pattern baldness even during the mid-age. Taking thorough care of hair and diagnosing hair fall conditions is extremely important, and a thorough diagnosis and treatment include advanced growth factor therapy. This innovative growth factor concentration solution is injected directly into the scalp, delivering a high concentration of the person's own growth factor right at the hair root, stimulating hair regrowth. It is extremely safe since we use autologous blood without any contamination. You can witness significant results in 8 to 12 weeks, and it can be done with other types of treatments.

No more hair loss heart breaks, SHEARA’S ADVANCED GFC THERAPY strengthens the hair root and scalp,by restoring your natural hair growth to its healthiest state.