Collagen Rebuilding

We all need to keep up the pace with everyday life. A healthy lifestyle is more of a challenge today than a routine. We all live in an environment that's hard to deal with in terms of pollution, stress, trauma, medications, and poor diet. Our wellbeing is being alerted by the "instant life" we are leading. Our body works hard to detox itself in natural ways, but our current lifestyle has a huge negative impact on the process. As a result of this we all face issues like:

  • Elevated toxin levels in the body
  • Early aging
  • Skin darkening and damage
  • Pigmentation and dark spots
  • Disturbed immune system
  • Hazy memory and vision

What do we offer?

Time and again individuals need full-body detoxification. To ensure a thorough cleansing of your body, Sheara Aesthetics offers a package that helps in full body detox in J P Nagar, Bangalore. A package that's specially made for thorough detoxification of your body in multiple sessions. The package is designed to help your body flush out all the toxins naturally and safely for a better body and skin.

About the treatment

  • Full Body Detox Infusions
  • Photo Aging
  • Body Glow Spray