Executive De-stress

The body has a mind of its own. Constantly on the run to meet deadlines results in stress and tiredness. Regular destressing and relaxation are the need of the hour for working professionals who are on their toes day in and day out. Too much stress shows up on our skin, especially on our face.

Small fat depositions happen at areas most visible such as the face, neck, and in other parts of the body. These small depositions change the look on the face to a great extent. Don’t let these small depositions hinder you from looking your best.

Our professionals understand this need for de-stressing and relaxation and designed a treatment package. Ongoing through the treatment process our professionals ensure the signs of tiredness vanish from your skin along with the removal of fat depositions found on your body.

The skin is pampered enough to heal on its own. The therapy is a single session of 8 hours. So it is just a few hours of treatment to remove the signs of stress and heal and rejuvenate your body from within under the expert supervision of our professionals.