Hair Root Nourishment Therapy

Maintaining healthy hair, like all good things in life, necessitates a multidimensional approach. Seasons, environmental stresses, emotions, hormones, sleep cycles, and diet all have an impact on your hair. In short, your hair is an extension of all the love, attention, and care you shower on your incredible self.

Nutrition is a complex topic in the health domain, and incorrect nutrition or malnutrition is apparent in the condition of your hair. While hair is slow to respond to any stimulus, it’s a deciding factor of the overall health of an individual that also includes good and healthy haircare practices. Adequate nutrition intake can directly be seen in the quality and the volume of hair, and the lack of it affects the scalp and hair follicles, leading to hair loss. Hair root nourishment is a vital aspect of any type of hair treatment regime, and it involves a systematic approach with rigorous procedures that influence the efficacy of the treatment.

Malnutrition like protein-calorie malnutrition is a significant cause of hair loss in men. Other leading causes include the so-called sophisticated techniques of hair treatment with artificial feeding. Sheara Aesthetics Hair root nourishment therapy helps your hair to maintain strong roots.