Perfect Chin & Jawline in Bangalore

Shape your Chin and Jaws

The shape of the Chin and Jaws define the look of the face. As one age, the skin around the chin and jaws tends to sag and form folds. These are not related to 40+ age anymore. They can occur early too due to our change in eating habits and a jet-setting lifestyle. This sagging of skin leads to fine lines and wrinkles. These early signs of aging lead to a decrease in skin elasticity and makes one look aged though they are not.

Chin Up to face the World

The double chin changes the contour of the face and charm vanishes from the face entirely. The Chin sculpting process at Sheara Aesthetics combines various treatments to aesthetically sculpt the chin and jawline without surgery.

The professionals examine your face structure and decide the treatment plan to reduce the chin fat and shape the jawline minus surgery. The process leaves you with a slimmer face minus a double chin giving a refined appearance. The contouring of the chin and jawline will naturally take years off your face in no time.

Sheara Aesthetics has a treatment package of combined multiple sittings based on each client's needs and requirements in a duration of 3 to 4 weeks. The combination of treatments is to benefit you to get the desired result. Removing the extra fat in the skin folds results in tightening the skin. This naturally lifts the chin and jaws. Our experienced doctors and aestheticians ensure you can walk out with a firmer chin to face the world.