Prince amoung Men

Despite the fact that others may say, it's hard to be a man these days with no hair on his head. Thanks to the Advertisement company, which is talking about male maintenance now involves a little more than shaving and body spray. With a full range of male oriented treatments at SHEARA aesthetics, we are able to subtly and naturally enhance & revitalize your best asset to make you look as good & young on the street as your team does on the pitch.

Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness is widespread among men and is the most common form of hair loss accounting for over 95% of male hair loss cases. There are several causes for this condition, and chronic diseases like skin diseases, allergic reactions to certain medicines, seasonal changes, environmental factors, malnutrition, stress & anxiety, and other unpleasant aspects of the modern lifestyle. However, male hair loss due to heredity accounts for the maximum percentage.

This condition onsets at the end of puberty and advances rapidly in the 20s and 30s. It leads to confidence issues in men, affects their self-esteem, how they think of themselves, and the overall quality of life. Androgenetic alopecia starts with frontal and temporal thinning and eventually extends to the crown. While traditional treatments and temporary methods of hair restoration fail to offer the desired results, Sheara takes a comprehensive approach with an innovative outlook to get the root of the problem and provide the best hair restoration treatments tailored to give you exceptional results.